For Clients Only

What is for Barton Tax Solutions “Clients Only”?
As a BTS client, you have 24-hour access to your tax information, as well as software, training, and tools.

  • Secure, electronic exchange of your records
  • Access and training on proprietary BBS accounting software
  • Tools, Templates and Calculators

Once you agree to become a BTS client, you will receive a PIN and ID to access and exchange information that includes.

  • Secure File Transfer. Transfer your computer files to our office, and receive files, including ad-hoc financial statements and copies of tax returns, when needed.
  • End of Month Backup. We will make sure you know exactly how to transfer files to our office, including when to perform backups or other month-end administration.
  • BBS Software. For clients using our proprietary software, we provide software downloads and updates. Software training modules are also available.
  • Tools and Templates. You’ll gain access to our customized templates to help organize your business finances, such as a sample expense report. Additionally, we can securely send you documents tailored to your specific needs.
  • Calculator Library. You’ll have access to several online calculators that will simplify your financial planning, including calculators for break-even analysis, amortizing loans, retirement planning, lease or buy, savings plan, and life insurance calculations.

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