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Why do I need a tax accountant?
Every year there are numerous changes to the tax laws and tax code. Frequently, provisions are added and others expire.  Most taxpayers do not have the time, desire or the research tools necessary to keep up with the tax code each year.  When you choose an enrolled agent, you know your preparer keeps up with the rules and regulations.  We use our knowledge and expertise to do the best job possible for you.

What are the key points to remember when hiring a tax professional?
Always use a qualified professional to prepare your return.

Preparers should always sign the returns and include their Preparer Tax Identification number. (PTIN)

Remember, you the taxpayer are responsible for what is on a you tax return. Reputable preparers will ask several questions to determine whether expenses, deductions and other items qualify for a deduction.  They are trying to avoid penalties, interest or additional taxes that could result in an IRS or state examination.

Aren’t tax accountants expensive?
As long as you follow our advice you should be able save money by reducing your taxes.  Additionally, because BTS is tax-certified by the IRS, we keep up with the voluminous changes in tax law to make sure we maximize deductions as well as avoid penalties and late fees for you.

Consider a tax accountant as an investment  that will provide you with greater returns. You’ll learn to better track, budget and handle your finances and taxes.

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