Our Promise

We believe…

Each day, our clients make dozens of  decisions. Most of those decisions have an economic impact. More or less money either comes into or goes out based on a variety of financial variables. Our job is to keep score and keep their tax liabilities to a minimum. Our value to our clients is in helping them make better informed decisions–not the paper we send to them.

Our Mission for our Clients

(1) Understanding the consequences of their financial decisions.

(2) Learning to manage their taxes more effectively.

Our Promise to our Clients

  • Accuracy
    Our work should be best in the region. In the remote possibility of a mistake on our part, resulting in penalties or late fees, we will reimburse the client.
  • Training
    If our clients knew how to be bookkeepers or accountants, they wouldn’t need us. Training them to be more effective in their day-to-day financial activities will help them to become better organized, improve the quality of the information we receive from them, and thereby enhance their decision-making.
  • Privacy
    We deal with confidential information on a daily basis. We will never disclose private information to anyone without prior consent, unless that disclosure is required by law.

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